"SmartWork will help your organization break free of the shackles of yesterday thinking to flourish in a turbulent era of escalating change.”


PeopleProductive has teamed with Steve Stanton, Managing Director of FCB Partners, and author of Smart Work: Why Organizations Full of Intelligent People Do So Many Dumb Things and What You Can Do About It” to help you transform your organization for future success.


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For thirty years Steve Stanton’s work has focused on improving the capability of organizations to transform themselves.  He co-authored The Reengineering Revolution with Dr. Michael Hammer (HarperBusiness) and authored “How Process Organizations Really Work.” (Harvard Business Review).


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  • Why do organizations full of intelligent people do so many dumb things?  And then repeat them?
  • What are leaders of Smart Organizations doing today to ensure future success?
  • Steve Stanton will contact you directly to answer these questions and review your assessment results!

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Reviews from SmartWork publication:

"A masterful focus on improving business operations" ~ Amazon Customer


"Must Read: A survival manual for the 21st Century" ~ James W


"A bold and valuable book for business managers"   ~ Hans H



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